ACME Revenue Reporting in Google Analytics

Do you wonder if Revenue is accurate?

Do you find yourself looking at Google Analytics eCommerce Revenue and wonder why sometimes the reported revenue is much higher what you expect? You are not alone, and in fact, this is expected for Event Sales depending on what view you are looking at.

Here's why:

We support reporting on Event sales at two levels:

  1. Event Level (e.g. General Admission)
  2. Ticket/Add-on Level (e.g. Adult)

The reason this is implemented as such is to give the flexibility to report at both levels. This structure allows you to segment your data in different ways, for example:

  1. Revenue by event, like "General Admission"
  2. Revenue for a specific ticket or add-on across all events, like "Adult" or the add-on "Audio Guide"

Google Analytics › Conversions › Ecommerce

When looking at a Google Analytics report with both Event and Ticket/Add-ons, revenue may display as higher than the actual revenue if it is totaling the Events + Tickets/Add-ons. 

Revenue Value
Revenue (in Revenue & Conversion Rate)
Product Performance
Product Revenue (Total in first column)
Inflated if both Events and Tickets/Add-ons are in the table.

Accurate if you are reporting on one or the other (or on something other than events)

Tip: Change the primary dimension to "Product Category (Enhanced Ecommerce)" and search "Standard" to see just the Event sales. You'll notice that the sum of Tickets and Add-ons matches the revenue for Events
Sales Performance

Structure for Product Categories (Enhanced Ecommerce)

  • Standard/Event
    • Standard/Tickets
    • Standard/Add-on
  • Combo
  • Donation
  • Memberships (one category per Level/Offering)