The BBPOS WisePOS E is the current generation EMV card reader supported by Stripe for use with ACME Sales. This reader supports contactless, chip, and magstripe payments and connects with the ACME Sales terminal over a Wi-Fi connection. The card reader runs off of a rechargeable lithium ion battery so it is appropriate for a stationary or mobile POS terminal. 


Note: This card reader must be first activated with ACME Support prior to use. Contact support@acmeticketing.com to learn more. 

  1. Log in to ACME Sales and navigate to Configuration>Chip Card Reader. (This will require the user to have sufficient permissions to access the Configuration menu).
  2. Select the WiFi/Ethernet connection option from the Pick List and then select Find Devices.
  3. Select the registered name from the list of available options. . 
  4. Once the card reader is connected, you can now begin taking payments in ACME Sales.


Q: I don't see the card reader as available in the Configuration menu.
A: Double check that the Tenant ID and Terminal ID used to log in matches your Back Office configuration.

Q: I can't get my card reader to connect in ACME Sales.

A: This is most likely due to a local network settings conflict. See https://stripe.com/docs/terminal/readers/bbpos-wisepos-e#troubleshooting to learn more.