11.15.1 Release

Production Release Date: November 15, 2021

Platforms:  ACME Sales (POS)

Release Type: Hotfix

Bug Fixes

POS Order Management - Add Event 

We have fixed an issue where adding an event to a member order in POS Order Management was resulting in an open balance on the order. To prevent orders from getting into this state, when adding an event to an existing order, only retail prices will be available. If there is already a member discounted ticket on the event, the user can increase the ticket quantity on the order and continue to receive a discounted rate. In order to sell member discounted tickets for a different ticket type or for a new event, a new order should be created. This will also allow agents to use the full benefits checks and messaging.

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POS Order Management - Add Ticket

When adding a new ticket type in Order Management, after tapping the "ADD TICKET" button, the total quantity would increase but the new line item would not appear on the screen and the quantities for each line item would not automatically increase. With this release, the user will immediately see the new ticket type added to the order, inline and in the total.

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POS Multiple Membership Orders

When purchasing two memberships in the same order at POS, the 2nd membership was not getting created in ACME. To ensure data integrity for multiple membership sales, POS users will need to create one order per membership sale. In this release, the user will be prevented from adding more than one membership at a time to the checkout. 

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iOS 15

We have fixed two minor display issues introduced with iOS 15: 

  1. When logging into a sandbox at POS you can now clearly see the sandbox numbers 
  2. The header of a form is now the proper background color

Certificate Update

We are updating the Apple iOS certificate for the ACME Sales POS application to keep it running on iOS devices. We do this to stay in compliance with Apple development requirements.

For instructions for how to update your ACME Sales app on your POS terminals, refer to Updating ACME Apps from the AirWatch CatalogPlease contact support@acmeticketing.com if you experience any issues after a release.