If you need to issue a voucher for a future visit and redeem a pre-issued voucher for discounted or free admission at a later date, this guide will walk you through the configuration options. Vouchers may be issued for customer service scenarios, guest pass admission, concierge tickets and reseller sales if the reseller does not have direct integration with ACME.



Issuing Vouchers for a Future Visit

Option 1: Configure an event in ACME to use for issuing the voucher

Sales Channels: Backoffice and POS, issued by staff

  1. Configure an Event Template to represent the voucher type (e.g. event name can be “Guest Pass”)
    • Template can be set to expire tickets 1 year from issue date 
    • Configure a ticket layout specific to this purpose.
    • Add redemption instructions in the email confirmation message
    • Ticket lines to include language such as “Voucher can be redeemed for up to 1 year from issue date.” “Not transferable” etc.
  2. Issue tickets from this event for “today”  
  3. Email confirmation is sent to the recipient, with QR codes and detailed instructions for redemption

Event eTicket

Order Confirmation Footer

Option 2: Pre-printed vouchers (External from ACME)

This option is best when the vouchers are treated as a coupon redemption, or a process is already in place for how these are generated.

  1. Ensure that you have configured a discount and a coupon to redeem the voucher.
  2. Pre-printed vouchers are generated in bulk via CRM or outside print shop.
    • If redemption is allowed online, print a code that can be used as a coupon to discount the admission price.
  3. Vouchers are handed to the guest or mailed

Point of Sale Redemption Methods

When redeeming an issued voucher at the point of sale, you will need to create an order to issue a ticket. If redemption is allowed online, use method #3 below.

Method 1: Ticket Type with $0 Price

This method is fast to transact, no code needed. Best when volume is low, and the redemption is viewed as a visitor type for analysis. Not recommended if there are numerous types of vouchers, as this will create too many ticket types for infrequent scenarios.

  1. Configure a $0 ticket type that can be sold at POS or backoffice only (no web)
  2. At POS, issue the $0 ticket when the visitor presents the eligible voucher.

Method 2: Voucher (Recommended)

Best when you want to trace the issued voucher to an organization entity (e.g. a Reseller)

  1. Issue full price ticket
  2. Pay with Voucher pay method, enter Voucher ID (optional)
    • Can use a naming convention for the Voucher ID to trace it back to the source

Method 3: Coupon Code

Will require coupon & discount configuration. Best when the redemption period is time-restricted (e.g. a special fall promo) - effective dates can be defined for the coupon.

  1. Issue full price ticket for the event
  2. Apply the pre-configured coupon to reduce the price

Backoffice Redemption Method (for call center/box office phone)

If the guest is instructed to call to redeem to book a confirmed admission ticket, staff will nullify the voucher and issue confirmed tickets to the guest.

  1. Obtain the order number of the voucher issued.
  2. Cancel and refund the original order to invalidate the QR codes.
  3. Create a new order for the desired visit date, select Voucher payment method and use the original order number as the Voucher ID. Order notes can also be used.

Access Control Redemption Method (Auto-Rebooking)

For vouchers that were issued in ACME using Option 1 above for issuing vouchers, you can use Access Control to auto-rebook the voucher into a ticketed event if the guest does NOT need to stop at the ticketing desk. This scenario is best suited for general admission entry.

  1. Voucher is presented at Access Control and scanned.
  2. Auto-rebooking must be ON for the admission event
  3. Voucher “ticket” is rebooked into current Admissions timeslot (capacity permitting)
  4. Guest enters venue.

Note: There is no additional data collection opportunity with this method.