In order to assign users permissions to sell New Memberships in Backoffice, add the "MEMBERSHIP_SALES" permission to the appropriate roles.


Users can enter into the New Membership purchase flow in two ways

  1. New "Purchase" link in the left navigation menu

  2. "+ New Membership" button in the header of the Member list page

Either option will take you to the list of New Membership Levels and Offerings available for sale in the Backoffice sales channel (according to the Channel Transaction Policy set per Level/Offering).

Select the Level and Offering proceed to checkout. 


During checkout, you can add new cardholders and manage their details. A primary cardholder with at least first name, last name, and a mailing address is always required, and any secondary cardholders allowed for that level are optional, with minimum of just the Name on Card. See the Duplicate Customer Check section below for more about selecting and editing existing Customers for a new membership.

The primary cardholder's contact information is pre-populated in the billing section, or select "Other" from the menu to enter a new billing contact.

Events can be added to the cart as well and any applicable discounts or entitlements will be applied.

Duplicate Customer Check

When adding new cardholders, if there are possible duplicate customers already in ACME you will see a prompt underneath each cardholder. Click "View customer matches" to see possible matches. The information entered in the cardholder form will be present for you to compare against the existing customers and select a customer from the list will associate the membership to the existing customer ID. 

Once you select an existing customer you will have the opportunity to edit the customer's information as needed. Again, the information you originally added in the cardholder form will be present so you can compare and make any necessary edits.  

Keep in mind that editing the information will change it globally across ACME, including across other memberships the customer is associated with. Edits will be saved once checkout is completed.