11.19.0 Release

Production Release Date: Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Platforms:  ACME Payments

Release Type: Minor

Downtime: n/a 

Test Environments: Sandbox 8, SDK v1.1.0


Card Not Present | Multi-Use Token Authorization

We are now offering the ability to specify if a multi-use token should be authorized upon point of creation or not. This boolean value will be helpful in distinguishing between 2 scenarios:

  1. If the token is being used immediately to perform a sale and save the card at the same time, you can choose not to authorize the card when generating the token as it will be done in the sale call. This will help you control authorization fees as it will just be performed once.
  2. If the token is being generated in order to save a card on file for future use without performing a sale, then authorizing the card immediately will help to improve conversion later on.

The Token API documentation has been updated to reflect the new "Validate" field.

Payment SDK | Get by ID or External ID

The Payment SDK now includes the ability to:

  1. Retrieve a specific sale or refund transaction by the sale or refund ID. When getting a specific sale call by sale ID, the associated refunds will not be included in the response. Those must be retrieved by the refund ID.
  2. Retrieve a sale transaction and any associated refunds by External ID.  When getting the sale transactions by External ID, both the sale and any associated refunds will be returned together. 

These new endpoints are available in SDK version 1.1.0. See In Person Payments Javascript SDK

Bug Fixes

Payment SDK | Connecting to offline card reader

We have fixed an issue where the SDK was not returning an error message upon attempting to connect to a reader that was either turned off, or connected to another network. In these situations we will now return a "Communication error" message, code 8224.