11.19.2 Release

Production Release Date: May 11, 2022

Platforms: ACME Sales 11.19.2

Release Type: Hotfix

Downtime: n/a

Test Environments: n/a


POS Logging - All Card Reader Types

This POS release builds on the 11.19.1 release and contains additional data logging capabilities that will help us further identify what may be causing some periodic card reader disconnects across all device types. This will increase our ability to identify areas for improvement so we can more easily implement meaningful updates to card reader connectivity.

WisePOS E & Verifone P400 Card Reader Disconnects

This release contains some changes aimed at reducing the occurrences of credit card reader disconnects due to blips in network connectivity. The changes made are as follows:

Mid-Checkout Connectivity Loss

If you lose connectivity to a WiFi or ethernet connected credit card reader like the WisePOS E or P400 while in checkout, the "Activate Card Reader" button appears below the order total and ACME sales shows that the payment has been declined, in red text, under the amount field. 

  • If you become reconnected to the network and click the "Activate Card Reader" button, you will be able to successfully connect to the reader again to complete payment. 
  • If you are still disconnected, you will see an "Error Creating Order - could not connect to server" error message. 

This improves upon the behavior previously, where the agent would tap on the "Activate Card Reader" button after a network loss, the reader will show "Processing" and eventually time out, and then the ACME Sales app would show "Loading" until it's re-started. 

Reconnect via Hamburger Menu

We have added a button inside the hamburger menu titled “Reconnect to Card Reader”, which can be helpful if you lose connectivity and the reader is not reconnecting in checkout as expected.

Upon tap of this button, ACME Sales will attempt to reconnect to the reader that is configured via the Configuration page. If no reader is configured, a message will alert the user to connect a reader via the Configuration page first. 

Best Practices

  1. If you need to re-start the card reader, completely quit ACME Sales by swiping up and re-launch the app from scratch in order to reconnect to the reader.
  2. ACME Sales should be launched fresh each day. Either completely quit the app by swiping up after logging out at the end of each day, or do so when starting the ACME Sales app every morning before logging in.