Announcements & Reminders

  • Effective 6/15/2022, all versions of ACME Sales and ACME AC prior to 11.15.1 will no longer be supported. 
  • Have questions about ACME versions or current system status? Take a look at the Current System Versions and Status page, plus you can now subscribe to get ACME status updates on our Status Page.
  • Sandbox Refreshes
    • Sandbox 10: Last refreshed on 5/3/2022. Next refresh: 6/28/2022.
    • Sandbox 15: Last refreshed on 3/8/2022. Next refresh has been rescheduled to 7/12/2022.
  • Apple Related Updates
    • You may have heard some recent news from Apple about iOS 16. As we do every year, our QA team will be testing this new release after the formal Beta period ends. We will have an update for clients once the news OS has been approved for use with ACME later this year.
    • Apple has also announced that the iPod Touch has reached end of life. Note that any devices you are currently using for ACME will continue to work for the foreseeable future. For new hardware purchases, we recommend the iPhone SE or you may still be able to find an iPod Touch (7th Generation) on a reseller marketplace. Contact if you have any questions regarding this change from Apple.
  • Welcome new ACME customers! Recently launched or going live later this summer:     
    • Asia Society (New York, NY)
    • Civil Rights Memorial Center (Montgomery, AL)
    • Jackie Robinson Museum (New York, NY) - opening later this year!
    • Natural History Museums of Los Angeles County

ACME Product Release Information

11.21 Release - Coming soon this summer!

We are working on a lot of product enhancements that we are aiming to get out to you in our next 11.21 release. We continue to make progress on the Worldpay Omnitoken, which will allow for refunds on transactions older than 45 days. We also look forward to releasing some resource management bug fixes, improvements to combo events, more configuration options for eCommerce. All of these improvements are based on customer feedback - thank you for your ongoing input! We are also preparing for a Google Analytics upgrade, more on this to come!

11.20 Release - 6/1/2022 


  • Performance and Troubleshooting Improvements

    We added an enhancement to assist with Card reader disconnect troubleshooting and logging to troubleshoot duplicates created via Import

  • Improved Membership Verification experience
    When verifying their membership online, we have improved the experience if a member enters an invalid membership number. The headline now clearly states "Your membership was not found" and the spacing for the call to action for verifying by email instead has been updated to make it easier to find.

  • Salesforce Integration Tool enhancements
    When using the Salesforce Integration Tool to view a specific line item in the data logs, the modal now includes the search parameters and log creation date at the top, making it easier to reference and find the section of data you are looking for. This makes it particularly easy to use a search to find that ID in any expanded payload or response section, especially when multiple records are included in the displayed data.

    In addition, the data logs for data sent to ACME via Membership Import have been enhanced. They now include the Salesforce externalID in response logs when memberships are sent to ACME via Membership Import and will show all errors if multiple validations are triggered.

Other recent releases 

11.20.1 Release - 6/9/2022

11.19.2 Release - 5/11/2022

11.19.1 Release - 5/5/2022

11.19.0 Release - 4/26/2022

Tips & Tricks

Sit, stay, and learn some "tricks" from the ACME pets!

Event Upsells on the ACME eCommerce Site

Looking to increase visibility for events that are available for the same dates, and help customers plan their visit? Use Event Upsells to recommend additional events when consumers add something like General Admission to their cart. Recommended events should be available on the same days or for the same range of days and the event that is initially selected, since any upsell events will get added to the cart on the same date the customer has already selected for their initial event.

Ticket Reseller Integrations

Summer travel is back, and this means more tourists planning their visits to your venue! Do you currently list and sell tickets through ticket resellers? Currently, ACME has reseller integrations with GetYourGuide, CityPASS, TripAdvisor, Tiqets and Ingresso. (Coming soon: Rezdy and WeGoTrip) If you are selling admission vouchers through these resellers, manually redeeming in person, and then manually reconciling to collect your revenue, consider implementing a direct integration to eliminate these headaches! A direct integration allows the reseller to:

  • Sell tickets directly from your available ticket inventory in real time
  • Create an order in ACME backoffice that you can see right away and include in reports
  • Issue ACME ticket QR codes to the guest

With this type of integration, your guests can arrive and go directly to access control for scanning to check-in the reseller-issued tickets.

Learn more here: ACME Reseller Integration Resource Center.

Did you know? Customize your ACME eCommerce calendar colors!

Did you know you can customize the colors used on your event calendars on the ACME eCommerce site? You can select background and text colors for the main unselected state, the hover state, and the selected state (hover and selected colors are commonly set to be the same). We recommend using a darker color for the background of the unselected state as this gets automatically greyed out to display unavailable dates, which is easier to see when the starting color is dark. This can be put in place using the following variables in your Theme:

  "@fluid-calendar-day-bg-color": "#000000",

  "@fluid-calendar-day-hover-bg-color": "#ffffff",

  "@fluid-calendar-day-active-bg-color": "#ffffff",

  "@fluid-calendar-day-color": "#ffffff",

  "@fluid-calendar-day-hover-color": "#000000",

  "@fluid-calendar-day-active-color": "#000000",

  "@fluid-calendar-day-border": "1px solid #000000", - use transparent if you don't want a border

We recommend trying this out in your Sandbox 10 environment first so you can update it to your colors and see how it looks before making the update in Production. Keep in mind that updates will take about 30 minutes to be visible once the Production Theme has been updated. You can always reach out to Support for assistance putting these in place.

Order Result Limit setting

With advance sales and ticketless visitation on the rise, the will call functionalities of ACME Sales and ACME AC provide a quick glimpse of anticipated attendance, and are handy tools for manually checking in guests. Users can tap into specific events to open a detailed guest list for that time slot, or utilize the search tool to look for a particular order. 

The “order result limit” setting on each POS Config's "Description" tab (Settings>POS Config in Backoffice) dictates how many orders will populate at a time when searching for orders in both the ACME Sales and ACME AC applications (with a maximum limit of 75 results). 

Feature Spotlight: Suspended Events 

When a user makes edits to an active event schedule that changes time or date availability in some way, any existing instances that are in conflict with that change will become suspended. For example, if times are removed or changed, any events without any tickets sold will change to the new time, but any events with tickets already sold will become suspended. In the same vein, changes to available days of the week or schedule start or expiration dates will cause conflicting events to become suspended, indicated with this icon: 

When an event becomes suspended, it is automatically removed from all sales channels, giving you time to plan how to accommodate the existing purchases. Depending on the type of change that you’ve made, you will need to decide which time(s) you’ll want to offer on days with conflicts, as well as any capacity modifications you may also want to make across the day based on that choice. It’s up to you whether you want to rebook guests into a different time, cancel a previously offered time, or have some sort of hybrid with the old and new options.

To make a suspended event instance available for purchase again, you’ll need to edit the instance and restore any sales channels you want it available on. Once an event has become suspended, it will display with the “suspended” icon (unless the change that triggered the suspension is reversed entirely); however, the event can still be made available for sale in the suspended state. The icon is indicating that this instance exists independently from the schedule and is not inherently a problem, but rather a notification. Read more at Working with Suspended Events.

Partner Spotlight: BlueGator 

ACME is partnering with Blue Gator Consulting to focus on future enhancements to our Salesforce integration.

BlueGator is a hospitality focused Salesforce Partner that helps venues deliver the right message to the right guest at the

right time with their innovative R.F.D.S approach:

  • Recency – Entice guests to book now
  • Frequency – Entice guests to come back again
  • Duration – Entice guests to stay longer
  • Spend/Give – Entice guests to spend/give more

Are you interested in attending a webinar to learn more about maximizing digital engagement? If so, email for more information!

Customer Spotlight

We love seeing our customers in the news. Here are a few recent accomplishments:

Oakland Museum of California

Congratulations to OMCA for being selected by Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) as a recipient of the 2022 National Medal for Museum and Library Service! The IMLS Medal is the nation’s highest honor for museums and libraries making significant and exceptional contributions to their communities.

Brevard Zoo

Brevard Zoo was voted one of the Top 10 Zoos by USA Today!

New and Updated Knowledge Articles

We are continuously updating and adding new articles to our Knowledge-base in the ACME Support Portal. Below are some recently added or updated articles:

ACME is hiring!

We are seeking a Customer Experience Specialist to join our Product Support team. This is a customer service oriented role best suited to someone with a problem-solving mindset and experience working with technical and non-technical individuals. We are looking for someone with knowledge and understanding of the business operations and workflows in cultural institutions or attractions. View more information about this position on our Jobs Forum. To apply, send your resume and a cover letter to

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