The Email tab in Settings>Administration is where custom email integration is configured. ACME utilizes SendGrid to deliver transaction-based emails, such as order confirmations, refund, rebook, reschedule and cancelation notices.

Go to Settings, Administration and select the Email tab

Go to the Email tab

Send resource assignment emails

This setting controls how ACME sends an email to an assigned resource, when the resource is a Person (such as a tour guide or educator).


  • Always: when a person is assigned to an event, a resource assignment email will automatically be sent to them.

  • Never: no email is generated upon resource assignment.

  • Ask to send (recommended): when assigning a resource to an event, the user is prompted to send or not send the email.

Send resource assignment emails

Use Send Grid Tracking (Yes/No)

This toggle controls the ability to view email status for transaction emails. The default setting is Yes (recommended).
Use Send Grid Tracking (Yes/No)

When the Enable SendGrid Tracking toggle is set to Yes, you are able to get details about ACME Email Delivery Status for any order.

Enable custom SendGrid emails (Yes/No)

If you intend to design your own SendGrid dynamic templates, toggle this setting to Yes. To use ACME's standard email layouts, set to No.

When selecting Yes, additional configuration options are revealed.

Note: To learn more about integration with SendGrid and custom email template configuration, refer to our SendGrid Integration Setup Guide.

If you make any changes, click Update Email to save.