Setting up online sales of invite only events

Like member only events, if you ever have special events that are for a specific audience, you now have the ability to make these available for individual purchase online! Implementing this requires a specific linking strategy to prevent any purchaser from using the ACME Online Checkout Events List, and the use of a few new text variables released in 11.21.0, but once in place, this strategy allows you to have events available for purchase online that can only be accessed by specific links, which you can then control distribution and access to.

When should it be used?

This should be implemented when you want to place a range of different types of events online for purchase, including events that are for specific groups, but be able to control access to them via direct links.

How to implement

Implementing this requires the use of a few specific Theme text variables to control the checkout path once consumers reach the ACME cart, as well as a specific linking strategy, both on your main site and within any links present in text variables on the ACME Online Checkout website.

  1. Hide the "Add More" button in the cart

    • Theme Text Variable: "show-add-more-button": "false",
      • This prevents purchasers from going to the Events List and seeing an event that they should not have access to purchase.  
    • Theme Text Variable (HTML supported): "cart-empty-call-to-action": "",
      • When someone empties their cart, the copy in this variable will be displayed and prompt the purchaser to take a specific action. This should include a link to your website so you can direct them to a particular page (instead of the ACME Events List, which is the default).
    • Theme Text Variable: "cancel-order-redirect-url": "",
      • When someone cancels their order at any point in the purchase flow, ACME will direct them to the link configured in this variable. This should be a link to your website, and is often the same as the link used above.
    • Do not use any event links that do not specify an event ID, specifically do not use the ACME Events List link ( or the ACME General Calendar link (
      • Audit the links to the ACME Online Checkout website that are currently in use on your site or in external communications
      • Audit the links you are using within the text variables in the Theme, or elsewhere in ACME
    • Update any links as needed to use alternate links
  2. Optionally, use Upsells to promote other events purchasers may want to add before checkout