Performance Improvement

We are pleased to announce that an updated version of the Salesforce managed package, version 1.107.0, is now available for download. This package brings updates to several existing workflow rules, which control when outbound messages are sent.

Previously when any field on a record was updated in Salesforce, the managed package would always send an update message for that record to ACME. Now, the managed package will only be triggered to send an update message if a change is made to a synced field. Updates to custom fields that are not included in the integration will no longer trigger a message to ACME. This will improve performance by reducing the overall number of messages sent via the integration, especially in bulk update scenarios.

This change will also impact the process to trigger a record to sync, which is a common troubleshooting step. Moving forward, an edit will have to be made in Salesforce to a synced field in order to trigger a new message to go to ACME. 

Data Integrity

The trigger update to save the "Paid Price" on Membership records linked to Opportunities in ACME Salesforce Managed Package - version 1.106.1 did not account for some edge cases, and has been slightly modified to account for those rare scenarios.

Package Installation

How to Install the Package

STEP 1:  Install the package

STEP 2:  Make sure the package is available for all users 

Once installation is complete, there are no further steps necessary.