1.107.1 ACME Managed Package

Production Release Date: Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Platforms: SF Managed Package

Release Type: Minor

Downtime: None


Membership Import "Update in ACME" button

In this package we have updated the process for the “Update in ACME” button to prevent the “flow not found” error that was occurring for some clients. With this package update, the existing button will correctly trigger the updates needed to add a membership record to the queue for the Membership Import Sync Process

If you are not currently experiencing this issue, but want to see if you were impacted previously, look in the settings for your Membership object layouts. If you see more than one "Update in ACME" button that can be added, then you experienced this issue in the past and a custom button was created to resolve. This fix removes the need for the additional button to make the flow work correctly. If you do see two buttons, open a ticket with ACME Product Support after you install this package to your Production SF environment and we will remove the extra one to clean things up.

Package Installation

How to Install the Package

STEP 1:  Install the package

STEP 2:  Make sure the package is available for all users 

Once installation is complete, you can follow the process below to remove any old custom "Update in ACME" buttons that are no longer needed.

Instructions for deleting duplicate “Update in ACME" buttons
  1. Update the layout on the Membership object and remove the “Update in ACME” button(s) from Membership layout. Do this for both the Lightning and Classic layouts.
  2. Use the Object Manager to update the Membership object.
  3. In Buttons, Links, and Actions, delete any non package custom button(s). This may be easiest to do in the Classic view, pictured below.
  4. Once any extra buttons are deleted, you can update the Lightning and Classic layouts again to add the button back, and there will only be the one option of the package button to add to the Membership object layout.