To view their membership standing and access benefits online, members will first need to verify their membership. You can configure your ACME Online Checkout website to require verification one of three ways:

  1. Membership ID and Primary Last Name (recommended)
  2. Membership ID only
  3. Email Address only

Verification by Membership ID and Primary Last Name or Membership ID only both allow the member to directly move to the next page (ie an event cart, an event detail page, or their membership profile) while Email only verification triggers an email that contains a link directing the verified member back to the ACME Online Checkout website.


It is recommended to require both Membership ID and the Primary Last Name for online membership verification, as it best protects the member's profile information. Note that members with multiple cardholders of differing last names will need to use the Primary last name in order to access their benefits. This is called out in the text field on the verification page, but may also need to be communicated to members.

Requiring Membership ID only has the benefit of eliminating the need for members to know who is the Primary on their membership record, however it allows anyone with a valid membership number to access profile information visible in the My Membership area of your ACME Online Checkout website.

If your Membership program does not issue public-facing Membership IDs to its members, Email only verification allows a member to access their membership by triggering a link to their inbox. This configuration is generally not recommended, as it directs the member away from the ACME Online Checkout website and to their email inbox, disrupting the purchase flow. An additional downside is that staff troubleshooting membership issues will be unable to login as that member online and verify what they're seeing.

Verification Method Configuration

You can configure your eCommerce page to require Membership ID and Primary Last Name verification or Membership ID verification in the Administration Settings: Website (B2C) guide.

To require Email verification, refer to the ACME Online Checkout Text Variables - Membership guide for the correct variable setting to override the ACME default.

Customizing the Verification Page

You can customize your ACME Online Checkout Member Verification page using text variables that can be added to your Theme in Backoffice. For example, you can use a hosted image link for a mock-up membership card. There's also room for more specific instructions, or even to provide a contact method, in case a member is having issues verifying. More details about these specific variables can be found in our ACME Online Checkout Text Variables - Membership guide.