The Ingenico Lane/3000 device is an ethernet-enabled credit card reader that can be used with an iPad to support in-person payments in ACME Sales. The device accepts all payment methods including NFC/Contactless, Apple Pay and Google Pay.


  1. Confirm you have the following items:
    • Ingenico Link/2500 Card Reader device
    • Power supply and charging cable
    • (Optional) Static IP Addresses and the subnet mask for your device from your IT/Network team
  2. Plug in the card reader to power and ethernet to turn it on.
    • When it is connected to power, it should automatically turn on.
    • Wait a few minutes for the screen to display the triPOS logo

IMPORTANT! Please ensure that you will be able to assign static IP addresses to your devices or reserve an IP address. This will ensure that the card reader will seamlessly connect with the ACME POS application and reduce the risk of disconnects. Check with your network administrator for more information.

Setup Steps

  1. Hold down the green button to boot
  2. Once the card reader boots and lands on 'This Lane Closed', key in 0 0 0 1 to access the Admin menu.

  3. Scroll down this screen to view the IP address.

  4. Launch ACME Sales>Configuration

  5. Select Chip Card Reader and select Lane/3000 from the list of options.

  6. Enter the IP address found on your card reader and select Connect.
    You will see a progress modal appear at the bottom of the screen before the card reader says "Ready"

See Configuring an Ingenico EMV Card Reader for ACME Sales

To assign a Static IP

  1. From the Admin menu select 2-Ethernet Parameters then Default IP Configuration, DHCP activation and select "Off" then press the green enter key.
  2. Select IP Address, then enter the static IP address that you will assign to the device, then press the green enter key.
  3. Select "Subnet mask" Enter the subnet mask of the LAN the device is connect to, then press the green enter key.
  4. Update the DNS Server to a public server such as or
  5. Press the red cancel key once.
  6. Press the green enter key when prompted to save changes.
  7. Press the red cancel key once. The device should reboot.

TIP: View the device specs, including the IP address, any time by keying in 0 0 0 0; no reboot required to get the IP address!

Device specifications can be found in the article Credit Card Hardware: WorldPay.