11.26.1 Release

Production Release Date: Thursday, April 13, 2023

Platforms: Backoffice (B2B) and ACME Sales (POS)

Release Type: Hotfix

Downtime: None

Bug Fixes

ACME Sales (POS) | Convert Combo Events Tickets to Membership

Our backend code specified that only event tickets can be converted to memberships. As it turns out, it thought combo event tickets were something different. While technically true, visitors should also be able to be convert their combo event tickets to memberships. 

We've adjusted our backend code to support this. That means, as soon as this is released, you can convert all tickets, including those from combos. 

Also good news! This will work with any supported ACME Sales (POS) version. You do not need to download a new version of POS to benefit from this fix.

ACME Sales (POS) | Connectivity to Card Readers

We have received reports of some venues having issues with card readers occasionally dropping connection, along with trouble to reconnect. The latest versions of card reader SDKs have improvements to help with this issue and others. As such, we have updated the SDK for the following: 

  • WisePOS E
  • Wisepad 3
  • M2
  • Chipper
  • Verifone P400

For those using Ingenico card readers, we are still evaluating a similar SDK update to get the latest improvements. More to come on this in a future release.

ACME Sales (POS) | Crash Fix with External Keyboard

For those using an external keyboard for form entry (such as the Checkout customer information or Membership purchase forms), we found potential issues with the backspace button when deleting special characters (such as French accents). We've fixed how the backspace is handled and adjusted the code to prevent crashes in these unique cases.

Backoffice (B2B) | Sales Channels

We fixed a regression where the sales channel "ISV" incorrectly showed on Event Templates and Instances. This sales channel only applies to the ACME Payments offering.

Note: To ensure Backoffice updates are as seamless as possible, we recommend performing a hard refresh of your internet browser after a release is deployed. In some cases, you may also need to reset your browser's data cache including any saved cookies and related browsing data. Please contact support@acmeticketing.com if you experience any issues after a release.