EMV 3-D Secure (EMV EDS), powered by CardinalCommerce (A Visa Solution), is a globally accepted authentication solution designed to make ecommerce transactions more secure in real time.  EMV 3DS provides an additional layer of security for ecommerce transactions prior to authorization while also helping to satisfy the requirements of PSD2 SCA.

It enables the exchange of data between the merchant, card issuer and, when necessary, the consumer, to validate that the transaction is being initiated by the rightful owner of the account.


More data. Better intelligence. In real time

With EMV 3DS, over 150 data points are collected and shared with issuers to help them make more confident risk decisions, often without checkout friction, for a better consumer experience.

Transaction and Consumer Data

  • Account number
  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Address
  • Transaction Amount
  • More

Authentication Data

  • 3DS success history
  • Date and time of the prior EMV 3DS authentication
  • Challenge history

Merchant Data

  • Merchant name
  • Merchant URL
  • Country
  • Acquiring MID
  • Pre-order/Re-order
  • More

Device Data

  • Device Channel
  • IP Address
  • Language
  • Screen Size
  • Device Model
  • More

How EMV 3DS Works

An authentication approval is returned to the merchant. The merchant then submits the authorization request.

Step 1 - Authentication Request

Merchant sends request with transaction and device data.

Step 2 - Risk-Based Authentication

RBA determines whether there is a need for a challenge.  Issuer determines if additional authentication is required.

  • Low Risk - Authentication occurs behind the scenes with no customer impact.
  • High Risk - Additional authentication required. Prompt for consumer challenge or decline transaction.

Step 3 - Authentication Required

If the transaction looks high risk, the issuer requests authentication, occurring to a much smaller portion of the transactions.

Why Use EMV 3DS?

Everybody wins with EMV 3DS!

The Merchant

  • Optimal customer experience
  • More approvals and less fraud
  • Flexible UX and more control

The Issuer

  • Reduces friction through enhanced risk-based authentication
  • Optimal cardholder experience
  • Flexible device support

The Shopper

  • Fraud protection
  • User friendly
  • Accepted globally

If you are interested in activating this service, please contact sales@acmeticketing.com.