General Tips

Complete each test before moving on

In order to see what a customer might see, you want to ensure that you are always completing a test before moving to the next one. Completing could be any of the following:

  • Finishing checkout and completing an order
  • Canceling the order instead of completing checkout
  • If the test involves verifying as a member, going to the Member Profile and logging out

Use an Incognito browser window

Browsing Incognito, where none of your browsing history, cookies, or site data is saved, will more closely replicate what a guest would experience. We recommend each test be started with a new Incognito session to simulate a guest browsing the website.

Buttons will keep you in whatever environment you are in, so if you select a button in a sandbox online checkout flow, you will stay within the sandbox site. However, if you click a link, you may be directed to a live environment (Production) page. To avoid this, you will either need to copy each link and update the URL to point it to a sandbox, or go into your Theme in Backoffice and temporarily update any variables that are currently using Prod links so that they instead point to your sandbox.

Data Best Practices when testing

  • We always recommend using unique data as much as possible. Pick characters from your favorite book, movie, or TV show and use different names for each order (or use an online generator to generate names/addresses for you). 
  • Note that only emails with your work domain will be sent out of the test environment. This is to prevent any real customers from getting a real looking email for a fake order.
  • More details about the sandbox environment, the periodic data refreshes, and using the test cards to create test data is in our Using ACME Sandboxes guide.



Why is an event unexpectedly showing up as an Upsell?

Answer:If you put something in your cart and cancel the sale, we will suggest that event to you in your next cart (Upsell). If you complete an order, you don't see the Upsell. If you navigate away from the cart and come back, it will be gone.


Why am I getting a prompt to change a date?

Answer:If there are item(s) in your cart from a prior test, this prompt can appear when adding another item for a different date. Make sure you end a test by either completing or cancelling an order before moving to the next item.


Why isn't a recent configuration change I made (ticket name, event name, membership rule, etc) in Backoffice showing up on my online checkout page(s)?

Answer:Ensure that you are saving and publishing where appropriate (templates and memberships) your configuration before looking for it online. You may also need to do a hard refresh of your browser (hold Shift while clicking Refresh) or start a new test in order to see the updated changes.


Why did my cart contents disappear after clicking to verify my membership or clicking another link?

Answer:If this link is part of text, you may have put an item in your cart in a sandbox, then clicked a Prod link and completed verification in Production, and then returned to the empty/different Production cart.