Pricing and Tickets is the process by which you decide what kinds of Tickets you want to sell, and how you want to organize them into different price levels. You do this by creating Ticket Categories and Price Lists. You can also create any number of Add-ons for non-ticket items and sell them at your venue.


There are three main components to pricing:

  • Ticket Categories are the types of Tickets your venue offers: Adult, Child, Senior, Veteran, and so on. You can create as many different Ticket Categories as you would like. (Though we recommend sticking to a few and using them across events, where possible.)
  • Price Lists are lists of Ticket Categories that assign prices to them. You can create as many different Price Lists as you'd like. Once you've created a Price List, you can add it to an Event Template. We recommend setting up your price list so it's ready to use without additional changes for the intended event. If you you have similar price lists for different types of events, you can duplicate a price list and make any pricing, description, or sales channel tweaks you need for the other list.
  • Add-ons are anything you sell that isn't a ticket. This can include physical items like hats or shirts, or charges for things like tour fees or speaker fees. Add-ons may also be other things, like room rentals, dues, or subscriptions.

Both Ticket Categories and Price Lists are created independently from Event Templates. When you create an Event or an Event Schedule, you can use any of the Price Lists you've created.