Sales Channels are the different ways tickets (and other items) can be sold. They appear on Event Templates, Memberships, and throughout the ACME Platform.

They work like this:

Sale ChannelDescription
WebYour eCommerce website. This is the themed site customers are sent to when they click "Purchase Tickets" (or the equivalent) on your organizations' website.
POSThe Point of Sale (POS) application. This is the iPad(s) that is running the ACME Sales App. The POS is used to sell tickets directly to the public (in your box office, for example).
ResellerPurchases by approved organizations through B2A or on POS.
Customer RepresentativePurchases made through the ACME Back Office by an ACME Call Center Representative. This is also how you give access to ACME Product Support to assist with troubleshooting.