Putting a scanner into keyboard mode will allow it to scan membership cards and enter that information into ACME POS to search for that member. If a scanner isn't reading member information properly, there are two ways to reset it.

Before you begin, make sure the scanner is unpaired from any devices by holding down the Power button and the Scanner button at the same time, until it makes 3 beeps and the laser turns off. Then release the buttons, and turn it back on.


  1. Scanning the barcode above will reset your scanner to factory settings and make sure it is the the correct keyboard mode.
  2. Once you scan the code, it will make a series of beeps and turn off. 
  3. Once it's off, wait a moment and then turn it back on. 
  4. Then check the bluetooth setting in iOS. If the device is listed as Not Connected, click the i and tell it to forget the device.
  5. Go back into the bluetooth settings and re-pair the device. It should be listed as "Keyboard or Socket7...".
  6. Once paired, the scanner should be ready to use. 

To test the scanner:

  1. Make sure the scanner is paired to the terminal in the iOS bluetooth menu.
  2. Open ACME Sales and log in.
  3. Tap on the "Indiv. Members" tab to open the member search.
  4. Make sure you tap the ID field so the cursor blinks there before scanning a membership card.
  5. When you scan a membership card, the ID should automatically insert into the ID field, then automatically search for that number and return results.