Description:  When creating a schedule for events, there is an option to select 'Indefinite'.  Event instances with an indefinite schedule automatically appear on the event list up to one year from the present day.

Known Issue:  Currently, this feature works correctly in that it publishes out 365 days; however, it does not consistently update daily. At this time, the template has to be re-published in order to create the new event dates in the future.  Our team is investigating this issue and this article will be updated as new information is provided.

Alternate Solution:   There are two options to publish dates into the future.  

Option 1 - Manually making the schedule update:

  1. Go to the Event Template. 
  2. Click Edit to open the template
  3. On the Event Template, click Publish. 
  4. The Event Instances will now publish the future dates up to 365 days from the Publish date.

Option 2 - Picking a longer, but not indefinite, timeline:

  1.  Go to the Event Template.
  2.  When creating or editing the event template, schedule the end date for up to two years from today.
  3.  Click Publish. Note that you will still need to periodically push the Publish button to continue generating new events however it will need to be done less frequently with this method.