The ACME Manual Offline Mode Toggle is a new feature that has been added to the side menu bar in the ACME Sales App. This new feature was designed so that users can manually set their devices into offline mode without having to unplug their ethernet, which causes other issues with peripheral hardware and connectivity. Now, you can manually set your device to go offline and it will place all of the transactions into the Queue, and your peripheral hardware will not be affected. 

This feature was designed for the use case in which our payment processing partner, World Pay, is having issues and cards are not processing properly. If this is the case, users can set their device to go into manual offline mode and all of their transactions will be placed into the queue and will be re-tried once you put your device back online. 

How it works

There is a new toggle that is available in the side menu within the ACME Sales App that says "Enable Offline Mode". 

If you toggle this on, your device will now be in offline mode. Once toggled on, you will see a prompt on the screen, this prompt will only show up once. 

Please note, unlike regular offline mode where you are prompted at every transaction, with Manual Offline Mode, you only get prompted the first time you toggle it on. You will know that your device is in manual offline mode because there will be a new icon that appears at the top of your screen next to the refresh icon.

Payment Processing

Payment processing works just as it does in regular offline mode. You can process credit cards, cash and checks, and you can use split payments. You cannot enter credit cards manually while your device is in manual offline mode (same as regular offline mode). 


You will be able to print receipts and tickets while your device is in manual offline mode. 

Order Management

Order management is disabled if your device is in manual offline mode.

Logging In/Out

If manual offline mode is enabled and you log out of the ACME application, your settings will reset, and upon login, manual offline mode will no longer be enabled.