ACME Access Control (AC) requires an Apple iPod Touch or iPhone and a scanner made by Socket Mobile. These devices both run on rechargeable batteries and communicate via Bluetooth. From time to time, you may observe a connectivity issue caused by one of these factors.  


Socket Scanner Troubleshooting Steps

If you are using a Socket Scanner and your Access Control (AC) unit stops behaving as expected, try these troubleshooting steps:

  • Ensure that both the iPod Touch or iPhone and the Socket Scanner are on and have an adequate charge. If either device is running at less than 10% battery power, you can expect intermittent connectivity issues. We recommend charging both devices overnight whenever possible.

  • Check the Bluetooth Settings menu on the iPod Touch or iPhone and confirm the Socket Scanner is properly paired. The Socket Scanner will need to be paired in this menu for it to work in Access Control. Learn more about pairing Access Control devices, reference the Configuring ACME Access Control article.

  • In the Access Control Configuration menu, check that the Socket 57 is selected as the current scanner. 
    Note: Your model of Socket Scanner may vary. This selection is required for any Socket Scanner to communicate with the Access Control app.  

Camera Troubleshooting Steps

If you run into issues when using the Access Control (AC) camera to scan tickets check the following: 

  • Under Configuration, make sure the Socket Scanner is set to NONE. If a socket scanner is selected, it can drain the battery life you your device.

  • If you attempt to scan the same item two times in a row, the camera icon will "gray out" and become unusable.

  • When scanning one event ticket, you may receive an invalid ticket message. Then you try to scan the same ticket again have any event tickets, scan one ticket and receive invalid ticket message, and immediately try to  scan same ticket again, the camera appears non-responsive.  However, the system knows the ticket was already scanned

Will Call Screen Troubleshooting Steps

  • If the Wil Call screen shows yesterday's information, restart the app.  It is important to force close the app daily, either at the end of the day or the next morning so each day is a fresh session. If the app is not restarted, you will see yesterday's data on the Will Call screen.  Note: Logging out isn't enough to prevent this; the app needs to be restarted.

  • The camera is programmed to ignore the same QR code or barcode after the first scan in any given scanning session. This is to prevent the same code from being scanned more than once on accident.  Reference the Membership Card Scanning article for more information.

  • View Access Control (AC) QR code or barcode scan information on the POS record, the Backoffice record or by running Backoffice reports. Reference the ACME Standard Usage (Ticket Scanning) Reports Overview article for more information.

Access Control Camera

QR Scan

Still having an issue? Please reach out to ACME Product Support by email: support@acmeticketing.com.