Sales Terminal IDs

In order to log in to the ACME Sales app to make POS Sales, you are required to have a tenant ID and terminal ID entered. The terminal ID, along with the username, is associated to the transactions that occur, and can be used in reporting as a data point in X data sets.

The IDs are created in Back Office and can be used to signify a location, a certain physical device, or another significant attribute of your choosing. 

Configuring Terminal IDs

  1. In Back Office, go to Settings>Sales Terminals.

  2. Click "Add Terminal".

  3. Fill out the following fields:

    1. Terminal ID - this is what is entered during POS log in. It can be alphanumeric and while the Terminal ID is not case sensitive, we recommend matching the ID exactly when logging in on a POS.
    2. Terminal Name - this is a unique name to allow users to distinguish one terminal form another.

    3. Description (optional) - this is optional, but generally is the same as the name, or includes additional information like number or location as needed.

    4. Terminal Type - this should be Point of Sale for all POS terminals.

    5. POS Configuration - this allows you to assign a specific configuration layout to that terminal ID.