To rebook an order, first locate the order number (see image below)

• Locate the event that the guest needs to reschedule to.
• Select the "calendar" icon in the event list (image below)

Once the icon is selected it will open up a new screen.
• Place or type the order number into the open field that pops up after selecting the calendar icon.
• Select "Find Order".

Next, Original Order > Rebook Order (adjust quantity as desired - see green highlighted area in the image below)

Select "Review and Pay"
Is your new order MORE Expensive? If so, payment is required to complete the reschedule.
Is your order LESS Expensive? If so, a refund will be made to the original purchaser's credit card.

You may reschedule one or any quantity of the original order (in the order above there are four tickets).
Use case: A person uses two of the four tickets; two of the participants are ill on original order's date.  Two of the original tickets are checked in, two are rescheduled for the following day.  One order, two dates of same event.