After tickets are selected, a membership is selected, or a donation amount is selected, guests will then go through the checkout pages. A full list of all the Online Checkout text variables are documented here.




Text Variables

  "orders-page-heading": "Select Items",

  "orders-page-description": "(HTML)"

 "cancel-order-redirect-url": "(URL for landing page when order is canceled",

 "cart-empty-call-to-action": "You haven't added anything to your order."

Cart (Member logged in, exceeding ticket entitlement)

Text Variables

  "event-limit-exceeded-title": "Discounted ticket limit exceeded",

  "event-discounted-price-title": "Member Tickets",

  "event-retail-price-title": "Standard Price Tickets",

Ticket Limit Related Variables: 

  "order-limit-exceeded-title": "Ticket Limit per order",

  "order-page-rule-violation-MARKUP": "<b>Limit exceeded</b>, please adjust before placing your order.",

The dynamic member prompts are triggered based on if a member has already verified or not when they reach the cart page. If no member has verified, then either or both of the membership prompt variables below will display. If a member has already verified, then either the active or expired message variables will display, based on the verified member's expiration date. You can also use dynamic text variables in the active and expired messages to include the primary member's first name, last name, and the membership level if desired. See the Configuring Dynamic Member Messages guide for the full details.

Text Variables

  "membership-prompt-header-orders-page": "Members: <a href=\"https://buy.acmeticketing.com/auth/{tenantid}/members?ref=%2Forders%2F{tenantid}%2Ftickets\” target=\"_self\">Verify your membership</a> to receive free admission.(HTML)",

  "membership-prompt-footer-orders-page": "Members: Don't forget to <a href=\"https://buy.acmeticketing.com/auth/{tenantid}/members?ref=%2Forders%2F{tenantid}%2Ftickets\” target=\"_self\">verify your membership</a> or <a href=\"https://buy.acmeticketing.com/membership/{tenantid}/join\" target=\"_self\">join now</a> to receive free admission.(HTML)",

Text Variables

  "membership-verified-active-orders-page": "Thank you for being a member! (HTML)",

  "membership-verified-expired-orders-page": "Your membership has expired. <a href=\"https://buy.acmeticketing.com/membership/{tenantid}/renew\" target=\"_self\">Renew today</a> to keep receiving your benefits. (HTML)",

Cart, Ticket Limit Exceeded

Text Variables

  "order-limit-exceeded-title": "Due to limited capacity, there is a ticket limit in place for this event. Please adjust your quantities.",

  "orders-page-rule-violation-MARKUP": "<b>Limit Exceeded, </b> please adjust before placing your order.",

Add More Button

Venues using ACME's Online Checkout website will now be able to show/hide the "Add More" button on the cart page as desired. When set to false, the Add More button will not display in the cart (as pictured below), driving guests to complete checkout. This is especially useful when clients deep-link directly to the cart, and are not directing guests to use the Events List to build their order.

Text Variables

  "show-add-more-button": "false",

  "show-add-more-button": "true",

Cart Upsells


Events will appear in the Upsells section is they are configured as an Upsell for one of the events in the cart, or if the purchaser has recently removed an event from their cart.

Text Variables

  "orders-tickets-page-upsells-heading": "Upgrade your visit with these experiences",

  "orders-tickets-page-upsells-caption": "Guests who purchased your selected event also purchased:",

If one of the vents displayed here is a member only event, then the member only variables will also be visible here.

Emptied Cart

If a purchaser removes all items and empties their cart, by default the ACME Online Checkout website will display the following message: "You haven't added anything to your order. Add to order [linked to the ACME Events List for the selected date]". Add the below variable (HTML supported) to your Theme in order to customize this message and the destination link directing purchasers to add additional items.

Text Variables

"cart-empty-call-to-action": "",

See the Online Sales of Invitation-only Events for more on how to use this variable to support "secret" invite only events with self-serve checkout online.

Place Order 

The "Place Order" button triggers the customer to move on from the customer collection screen onto the checkout screen or the optional Forms screen.

Text Variables

  "cart-button-continue": "Place Order",

  "cart-button-submit": "Placing Order",


When selected, the "Place Order" button will update from the "cart-button-continue" copy to the "cart-button-submit" copy before the next page loads.



Forms are triggered if they are configured on an event template to display online. Forms are displayed after the Cart screen and before the checkout screen. Event variables are documented here.

Text Variables

  "orders-forms-page-heading": "",

  "orders-forms-page-description": "(HTML)",

Checkout Header


Text Variables

  "checkout-process-page-heading": "Your order",

  "checkout-process-page-description": "Please complete the information below to complete your order (HTML)",

Checkout Coupons

Text Variables

  "checkout-process-coupon-code-heading": "Coupons",

  "checkout-process-coupon-code-message": "Enter your code in the box below and click Apply.",

  "checkout-process-coupon-code-placeholder": "CODE",

Checkout Terms and Conditions

Text Variables

  "checkout-process-page-terms-MARKUP": "(HTML)",

Checkout Confirmation

The page that appears after a guest has completed a successful checkout.

Text Variables

  "checkout-confirm-page-heading": "Order confirmation",

  "checkout-confirm-page-description": "Thanks for your purchase, you will receive an email confirmation shortly. (HTML)",

  "checkout-confirm-message": "(HTML).",

  "checkout-confirm-return-text": "Return to our main website",

  "checkout-confirm-return-link": "link back to your website (linked to the above text)",

Checkout Error

This message will appear if there is an issue processing someone's payment.

Text Variables

  "checkout-process-page-terms-MARKUP": "Your order cannot be completed at this time. Please call us for assistance.",

Checkout Canceled

If a purchaser selects "Cancel Order" before completing the checkout process (either in the cart or during checkout), by default the ACME Online checkout website will empty the cart and redirect the purchaser to the ACME Events List for the selected date. Add the below variable to your Theme in order to customize the destination page you want to redirect purchasers to.

Text Variables

  "cancel-order-redirect-url": "",