In the Administration area of ACME Backoffice, you can define the settings below in the Payment tab. The settings in this area apply to all ACME purchases made in Backoffice and online. Collecting address data is strongly recommended as it greatly reduces fraud.  

To view this area, you must have the Tenant_Administration_View/Update permissions that are typically associated with the Tenant_Admin role.

Backoffice (B2B) sales include individual and organization orders completed by an ACME user in ACME Backoffice. These transactions are most commonly for phone sales or booking groups, private events or other high-touch reservations.

Website (B2C) sales include all transactions completed on your ACME eCommerce platform such as ticket sales and membership purchases.


This setting will activate the display of the address fields upon checkout. 

  • Full Address is recommended for both Backoffice (B2B) and Website (B2C) transactions. This will enable data collection for the purchaser's contact information.
  • Zip Code only will hide all address fields other than the zip code.
  • Nothing will hide the entire address and this is not recommended! NOTE: This option may not be permitted depending on credit card regulations.


This setting will make the address required to complete the order. 

  • Zip code only will enforce data to be entered in the zip code field upon checkout. If this field is blank, an address error message will be presented highlighting the visible address fields to check.
  • Full address is recommended for both Backoffice and Website sales.
  • Nothing will display the fields as defined in the Display setting but the purchaser or user will be able to leave the fields blank. NOTE: This option is not recommended and may not be permitted depending on credit card regulations.