11.6.0  Release

Production Release Date: July 21, 2020 

Platforms: eCommerce (B2C), Back Office (B2B), Access Control

Release Type: Minor

Downtime: None

Environments for Testing: Sand10 (code update on 7/14/2020)


Ticket Limits

Ticket Limits for individual orders are now supported on the ACME platform! As everyone prepares for reopening with timed entry, we understand how important it is to limit the number of tickets purchased to manage capacity and prevent excessive tickets from being purchased. This is especially key for free tickets, time slots with high demand, and venues with strict rules about visitor party size.

With this release you can now define the maximum quantity of tickets that can be purchased per event within a single order, across multiple ticket types. Ticket limits are enforced when visitors select "Place Order" on the cart page. If any rules are exceeded, a message displays the details of the ticket limit and the associated quantities are highlighted in red.

Ticket limits are also enforced at the POS and in Back Office, with the option to make an exception when needed.

Event Template Configuration

For a selected template, configure in the Pricing tab > Ticket Rules. You can enforce a limit either across ticket types or per ticket type.

  • Across ticket types: "Limit sales across Adult, Senior, Youth to 2 per order/event time"
  • Per ticket type: "Limit sales across Child to 2 per order/event time"

Note: Ticket limits are not enforced for combos at this time but it is being considered for the future.

ACME eCommerce Text Variable: Order Limit Exceeded Title

You can configure a custom message that appears online when a purchaser exceeds the defined ticket limits. In Back Office Theme › Text Variables,  add the following variable and modify the value as desired:

"order-limit-exceeded-title": "Ticket Limit per order"

Sample messages to consider: 

  • "Ticket Limit Reached. Please adjust your ticket quantities." 
  • "You have exceeded the ticket limits for this event. Please reduce your ticket quantities."
  • "Due to strict COVID-19 reopening policies, we are limiting the quantity of tickets per time slot. Please adjust."

Tickets Unavailable Message in Checkout

We have updated the message that appears in checkout during times of high demand where tickets sell out while a user is on the checkout page.  The message now says "Tickets are currently unavailable for [Event name(s)]"

Bug Fixes

Raiser's Edge mapping

We have fixed a bug in the Raiser's Edge mapping area.  Users can now de-select a program, category, sub-category from being associated to an ACME level/offering and associate that program, category, sub-category to a new ACME level/offering.  

Access Control "VIEW ORDER" button

With this release we have fixed an issue where the "VIEW ORDER" button was not appearing on the Access Control device for orders placed while the app was open and logged in. The "VIEW ORDER" button will now appear after all successful scans and the user can tap it to view all of the tickets on the order. 

Please note: If you tap the View Order button quickly and the ticket you just scanned does not yet show as checked in, this is expected. The check-in is still processing behind the scenes. The user can either leave it alone or tap the circle to check in it. In either case, it will be checked in.


The Apple issued certificate for ACME app versions 11.2.1 and older will be expiring on August 15, 2020 and these apps will no longer be supported. We recommend updating to the latest version of ACME Sales and ACME AC once you can safely access your devices.

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