Apply a coupon code to specific items in an order 

  1. Select the tile for the ticket or Membership item and select the Add to Order button.

  2.  select the Apply Coupons button near the bottom of the screen.

  3. Select the item on the left hand side you wish to apply a coupon to and a list of available coupon codes will appear on the right. The Coupon Code and Description configured in ACME Back Office will be displayed.
    Note: Use the search field to quickly find a coupon code if multiple choices are available. 
  4. Select Done when finished and proceed to checkout.

Note: This same workflow can also be completed on the checkout screen, by selecting Coupons from the left-hand menu. However, if you are using an EMV device, it will need to be disengaged by selecting the trashcan icon before a coupon can be applied to the cart. For this reason, we recommend applying coupons after selecting tickets and before continuing to Checkout.

Apply a coupon code to a cart

Alternatively you can apply a Coupon Code to a cart during checkout. This will apply a Coupon Code to all applicable items.

1. On The Checkout screen, select the Coupon Code button on the left-hand menu. 

2. Enter the Coupon Code into the pop-up window and select Apply

Note: If an EMV reader is in use at this terminal, the reader will first need to be disengaged by selecting the trashcan icon before a coupon can be applied to the cart.

3. Select the desired payment method and complete the transaction.

See the Coupons article to learn more about configuring coupon codes for ACME Sales and eCommerce orders. Take a look at the ACME Sales (POS) Resource Center for more details and information about using POS.