When making any kind of a change to an order in ACME, a transaction line item will always be written and saved to the database. These changes can include adjusting item quantities, applying a payment, issuing a refund, or exchanging items of equal value. 


Item Transaction types

The following transaction types are seen when items (tickets, memberships, add-ons, or donations) are added to or removed from an order.

  • Sale - Provides the value added to an Order as the result of adding Order item(s), thus increasing the Order balance. Positive value.
  • RefundSale - Provides the value subtracted from an Order as the result of returned Order item, thus decreasing the Order balance. Negative value.

Payment Transaction types

The following transaction types are seen associated with any actions where money is exchanged between the customer and the venue.

  • Payment - Provides the value paid by the customer towards the Order, decreasing the Order balance. (Is accompanied by a payment method). Positive value.
  • Refund - Provides the value refunded/credited to the customer. Negative Value.

Membership Transaction types

The following types, which reconcile the value of an old membership item with a new one, are used to notate the transactions associated with membership lifecycle actions where one term replaces another term.

  • PaymentAdjustment
  • RefundAdjustment

Depreciated Transaction types

The following transaction type may appear in certain reporting data sets; however they are no longer generated in ACME as data and will not appear as a data value in ACME.

  • ChargeBack
  • ChargeBack Reversal
  • ManualEntry
  • NoPayment
  • Rebook 
  • RebookPayment
  • RebookPaymentSale
  • RebookRefund
  • RebookRefundSale
  • RebookRefundAdjustSale
  • RebookPaymentAdjustSale
  • RebookRefundAdjustment
  • RebookPaymentAdjustment
  • Payment Adjustment
  • RefundAdjustment