The Security tab in Settings>Administration is where password requirements are defined for users.

Enable password security

Toggle this to Yes to activate password security and define password requirement options below. If this is set to No, then a user has no password requirements. 

  • Minimum length: enter the number of characters required.
  • Required characters: select applicable requirements for your venue
    • Mixed Case
    • Numbers
    • Symbols 
Once you enable the password security measures in Back Office, the rule will apply to new user activations and existing user password reset requests. All other existing user passwords will be grandfathered in until the user requests a password reset. 

Login session timeout  

Define in Days, Hours, Minutes, and Seconds how long a user's login session will stay active before timing out.

Note: If you activate password security and neglect to set the Login session timeout, the default timeout will be 10 days.