One of the final steps for any initial import setup is to link the incoming membership program, category, and subcategory information to the ACME created membership level and offering. After an initial import is complete, the incoming values will be available to link to in ACME back office under the Membership > Raiser's Edge Mapping menu.

Step-by-step guide to mapping

  1. In ACME backoffice, navigate to the Membership > Raiser's Edge Mapping section.
  2. Choose the category type of the membership level you wish to link. The options are Individual & Family or Organization.
  3. The left menu will populate with all available Membership Levels in ACME. Choose the Membership Level to map.
  4. The left menu will populate with all available offerings within the membership level. Choose the Membership Offeringto map.
    • A table will appear on the right side of the screen showing all available combinations of program, category and subcategory imported during the initial import job. The Raiser's Edge to ACME tab will be selected as a default.
  5. With the Raiser's Edge to ACME tab selected, Click Edit in the top right corner to unlock the ability to link the incoming data. 
  6. In the table, select all the rows from the incoming data to link them to the equivalent ACME membership level and offering you previously selected.
  7. Once complete, the Edit button will change to Update Mapping. Click Update Mapping to save the changes.
  8. Once complete, click the ACME to Raiser's Edge tab.
  9. Select a single value of the newly populated options. *Note: This is an important step for membership lifecycle actions even if you are not using the export functionality.
  10. Click Update Mapping to save the changes.
  11. Repeat for all membership levels and offerings.

Once all levels and offerings are mapped, memberships in ACME that have NO ACME Level/Offering but DO have a Program, Category, and Subcategory (from an import) will be updated. You do not need to re-import any membership files for the changes to take effect. 

If memberships in ACME already have an ACME Level/Offering assigned and you wish to update the mapping, you will need to update the mapping and then re-import the memberships or perform a lifecycle action to get the new mapping changes to take effect.