11.10.1 Access Control Release

Production Release Date: 5/24/21

Platforms: Access Control

Release Type: Minor

Downtime: n/a

Test Environments: n/a


As a part of ACME's ongoing efforts to improve the experience around Access Control, we have released a new version to help improve performance.  The 11.10.1 version of Access Control enables all ticket barcodes to be stored locally on the iOS device. When barcodes are stored locally on the device, it allows for many of the functions to happen locally as well, thereby resulting in quicker scan times. When the user opens the app after downloading this update, all tickets purchased in the last 7 days that are not yet checked-in will be stored on the device. While the device remains open, tickets purchased or updated are sent to the device as well. Once the app is closed, each time it is re-opened and the user logs in, any additional tickets that have not yet been received by the device will be pushed and stored locally as well.

We have also introduced a new error state if a ticket is scanned multiple times back to back.  You will see the message of "Duplicate scan of ticket 12345678 2 seconds ago".  This will only happen in the case where the same ticket is scanned back to back, otherwise you will see the existing "Ticket 12345678 already used on March 20, 2021 4:18 PM".  

Additional updates to Access Control are planned for the coming months as we look to simplify the scanning process around the required peripherals.  We will share more information as soon as possible!

Please note: In order to take full advantage of these improvements to ACME AC 11.10.1, check to make sure your access control stations are running on our recommended hardware. Contact support@acmeticketing.com if you have any questions on our hardware specifications.