Data that is exported from ACME can be imported to Raiser's Edge. Most organizations utilize an import utility (such as ImportOMatic) to facilitate the import process.

ImportOmatic® (IOM) imports data from various outside sources and formats into The Raiser’s Edge (RE).   IOM can import constituent biographical data, relationship data, volunteer job assignment data, and gift data from a single data file, allowing dynamic mapping of import file data fields to specific fields within RE.  The user may create, save and edit import profiles (templates of file layouts) for re-use with frequently imported file data formats.
Once configured to handle a specific file layout, IOM can be used continually to update existing records and/or enter new records. Exceptions or errors that are generated during the import process are logged for review. IOM uses the standard security, business rules, duplicate matching and processing logic found within standard RE, providing consistent results and reliable maintenance of data integrity during data imports.



Omatic Support Information

These are related Omatic Support articles that we think can help as you setup or troubleshoot your import processing. If you need direct assistance with the ImportOMatic product, please contact Omatic Support.

ImportOMatic User Guide



Dictionaries: You will likely need to setup dictionaries to translate field values such as State, Membership Levels, Membership Offerings, SalesChannel.

Duplicate Criteria: critical to ensuring you catch duplicates upon import, especially since many sales originate online and the constituent is performing their own data entry.

Profiles are what control the import mapping, settings and defaults for processing your ACME data.