ACME settles your credit card transactions daily, regardless of the sales channel in which the transaction occurred (online, point of sale, back office). To reconcile your deposits, you can run a transaction report of credit card sales to align with your bank deposit.

  1. Create a new report, name it, select the Transactions data source and click Save.

    • OrderNumber
    • DiscountedAmount
    • ServiceFeeAmount
    • NetAmount
  2. Set top-level parameters: DateField = TransactionDate, Range: select desired reporting cutoff times. 

  3. TransactionType contains Payment,Refund

    PaymentMethod equals CreditCard

  4. Add Field Groupings, Summaries and Count, if desired. This is optional. If you do not group, the report will return a line item per transaction, with columns for each of the fields selected in step 2.

  5. Click Run to see results.

Tip: You can bookmark the URL of the report for quick access daily.