If you do not require members to have a ticket for their visit and you allow them to present their membership card to gain entry, you can leverage ACME's Membership Card Scanning feature using ACME Access Control to expedite the member arrival experience.

Note: This solution bypasses order creation and does not reduce capacity for an event. It is only recommended if you do not have strict capacity limitations and need to prioritize an express member entry experience.



To successfully implement this feature, you will need:

  • An Access Control device (iPod Touch or iPhone) with the ACME AC application installed
  • Members have a membership card with a scannable barcode
  • The translation of the barcode value is stored in the ACME Membership Number, External Membership ID, or External Barcode ID.


In Settings>Administration, Access Control (AC) tab, there is a Detailed membership scanning toggle.

  • If set to YES, and the Access Control user selects a specific event to check the member into, they will be prompted to select a ticket type and quantity to associate with the checked-in membership. 
  • If set to NO, membership cards are simply scanned and checked in.

Scanning a Membership Card

When a member presents their card at Access Control, it can be scanned on the ACME AC application, either with the native camera scanner or an external Bluetooth Socket scanner.

Scanning from the main screen

This option is best if you just need to check-in members to the venue and do not need to associate the check-in to a specific event or time slot.

Scanning a member into a specific event/time slot

To indicate that the member is checking in to a specific event or time slot of an event, tap the event first to select it. Then scan the membership card. This checks in the member to this selected event. If you toggled Detailed membership scanning to YES in Administration, you will be prompted to select the appropriate ticket type(s).

Reporting on Membership Card Scans

To report on membership card scans, you will need to run a Ticket Analytics Report.

  1. Open a Ticket Analytics report with the Datefield of CheckinDate = (Date range of check ins you are interested in reporting on.)
  2. Include a filter of Membership Number Exists and Checked equals "true"
  3. Include any other fields you wish to have in the output including event and membership data points. 
  4. Run the report to see your results.

This reporting tool allows the user to collect membership visitation data and can be used to analyze engagement by membership offering, zip code, event etc. It can also be used to pull biographical data on members who attended your events including email address and cardholder names. 

Note: Member card check-Ins are available in reporting but will not appear on other views like the Backoffice Event List or Access Control. These specific views count check-ins from orders which does not include membership cards.