Q: How can I suppress the Company Hours from the cart? 

A: The following CSS variables will hide the display of company hours in the cart. This is recommended if you offer events outside of your open hours (e.g. virtual events, special programs, after-hours events).

  "@event-times-venue-hours-display": "none",

  "@page-open-hours-display": "none",

Q: Can I change the fonts on the eCommerce pages?

A: Standard fonts can be applied to your ACME eCommerce pages, but custom fonts are not currently supported. The default font is Arial, sans-serif.

  "@font-primary": "'Arial', sans-serif",

  "@font-secondary": "'Arial', sans-serif",

  "@font-tertiary": "'Arial', sans-serif",

Q: How can I update our logo on the eCommerce pages and emails?

A: The logo that appears in the header of your ACME eCommerce site is controlled by 2 CSS variables, one is specific to mobile:

"@header-logo": "insert hosted URL here"

"@header-mobile-logo": "insert hosted URL here"

To set the logo for email confirmations, go to the Email tab of Themes to edit the email logo variable:

 "email-header-logo": "insert hosted URL here" 

Q: How can I update our CSS variables related to combo events on the eCommerce pages?

A: Available CSS variables and default values are listed below.

"@combo-title-color": "@event-title-color", 

"@combo-title-font-size": "@event-title-font-size", 

"@combo-title-font-weight": "bold", 

"@combo-event-title-margin": "0 0 1em", 

"@combo-event-title-color": "@event-title-color", 

"@combo-event-title-font-weight": "@event-title-font-weight", 

"@combo-event-title-font-size": "@event-title-font-size", 

"@combo-event-description-border-top": "1px solid @event-list-item-even-border-color", 

"@combo-event-description-border-right": "0px",

"@combo-event-description-border-bottom": "0", 

"@combo-event-description-border-left": "0px", 

"@combo-event-description-padding": "15px 0px 0px", 

"@combo-event-description-margin": "10px 0px 0px", 

"@combo-event-action-margin": "0 0 0 0", 

"@combo-event-date-color": "@event-title-color", 

"@combo-event-date-font-size": "100%", 

"@combo-event-date-font-weight": "normal", 

"@combo-event-time-selected-color": "@event-title-color", 

"@combo-event-time-selected-font-size": "@combo-event-date-font-size", 

"@combo-event-time-selected-font-weight": "normal", 

"@combo-title-font-size-mobile": "@event-title-font-size-mobile", 

"@combo-event-title-font-size-mobile": "@event-title-font-size-mobile", 

"@combo-event-date-font-size-mobile": "100%", 

"@combo-event-time-selected-font-size-mobile": "@combo-event-date-font-size-mobile",