11.21.0 Release

Production Release Date: July 26, 2022

Platforms:  Backoffice, eCommerce, ACME Sales (POS)

Release Type: Minor

Downtime: n/a

Test Environments: Sandbox 10


Backoffice | Event Coupons can now be applied!

We now have the ability to apply coupons to event tickets in the backoffice cart for individual sales. You will now see a Coupons widget in the backoffice cart when selling tickets. Valid coupon codes will apply the configured discount to the eligible tickets in the cart, in the same manner as online sales.

Important Notes:

  • Multiple coupons can be applied to an order.
  • When transacting as a member, you can either apply a membership discount OR a coupon to a single ticket type. Both methods of discounting cannot be applied to the same item.
  • If you have a membership and an event ticket in the cart, only membership-driven discounts can apply to the event. Coupons can be applied to the membership only in this case.

Lean more in our guide: How-To: Sell tickets to individuals in Backoffice

B2C | New Text Variables

This release brings you more control of the checkout flow! With two new text variables, you can now completely suppress all links to the main event list, if desired. This is optimal if you drive all traffic from your main website to the ACME purchase flow with deep links and do not currently link to the Events List page.

New Theme Text Variables

  • "cancel-order-redirect-url": "",
  • "cart-empty-call-to-action": "",

Prior to this release...With this 11.21 release
Canceling an order redirects the purchaser to the Events List.
The cancel order button exists on the Cart and Checkout pages.
Configure the redirect url by adding the new text variable "cancel-order-redirect-url" to the Theme area of backoffice.
When removing the only order item in a cart, a message appears, "You haven't added anything to your order. Add to order." with a link to the Events List.Change this empty cart message with a new HTML-supported text variable "cart-empty-call-to-action".
If configured to display, the Add More button takes the purchaser to the Events List.No change to this. If you wish to suppress the Add More button to streamline the checkout flow, you can already control this with the Show Add More button text variable .

Related: ACME eCommerce Text Variables - Cart & Checkout

B2C | Combo Events

We have made improvements to Combo Event sales online:

  • Event Calendar: When viewing the calendar, a day will only be enabled for selection if all events in the combo are available for purchase that day. If any of the events are unavailable, the combo cannot be purchased for that date.
  • Cart: The cart page now has a single 'Change Date' button, and changing the date will update all of the events in the combo
  • Cart: The default CSS has been updated to improve the user experience. In addition, new CSS Variables are available should you want to make any modifications from the default values.

Import Export | Validation

We are improving the validations around importing memberships in order to improve data quality and ensure uniqueness. With this release, if an import file contains a record that has the same External Membership Number that already exists in ACME, but with a different Import ID, we will block that membership from being imported and the following message will display: "The membership has not been imported as the Membership number already exists on another Import ID. Please review the membership numbers and their import IDs."

Remember: Membership Import ID is ACME's unique identifier for a membership record and cannot be updated.

Backoffice | Salesforce Integration Dashboard

We have improved the Salesforce Integration Dashboard in this release in the following ways:

  1. The date & time at which the message was created is now displayed in each log in the "Message Created" field.
  2. The nodes within a data log are now defaulting to open for ease of use when reading the log.
  3. Copying data from a log is now more user friendly. :)

ACME Sales | Auto-Reconnect with Stripe Card Readers

In this release we have improved when ACME Sales will auto-reconnect to a card reader that has lost network connectivity. To simplify the product, we have removed the "Reconnect to Card Reader" button, as it is no longer needed.  

ACME Sales | Reconnecting to Stripe Card Reader

With this release we have made some improvements to how ACME Sales is able to reconnect to the WisePOS E or Verifone P400 after a network connectivity issue. ACME Sales will attempt to reconnect in the following scenarios:
1. When entering checkout
2. When tapping "Activate Card Reader" in checkout
3. When tapping "Credit Card" in checkout
4. When tapping "Find Devices" in the configuration menu

We have also updated text in some of the error messages to be more clear and have enhanced our internal logging to help troubleshoot any future issues. To simplify the product, we have removed the "Reconnect to Card Reader" button, as it is no longer needed.  

Email | Resource Assignment

The resource assignment email has been updated to include the Organization Name (if applicable) in the main body of the email, so the person assigned will know the name of the organization associated with the booking. 

See Email a Resource when an assignment changes to learn more about notifying your People Resources with assignment details.

API | Hardening

We have made some foundational improvements to some of our API endpoints, including error handling.

Backoffice | Removed deprecated features

With this release we have removed the following deprecated feature settings from ACME's Back Office:

  1. In Settings -> Administration -> Payments, we have removed the "Accept Amex" toggle as Amex is always accepted!
  2. We have removed the Point of Sale tab from the Theme area of Back office, as Point of Sale configurations are managed under Settings.

POS | Q3 certificate update

We are updating the Apple iOS certificates for the ACME Sales POS application to keep them running on iOS devices. We do this to stay in compliance with Apple development requirements.

Bug Fixes

Events | Image Upload

We have fixed a bug where images on the event template were not able to save if the image contained exif data. Images with exif data should now correctly save. 

Pricing | Ticket Categories

To prevent errors relating to deleted ticket categories, we have updated the Ticket Categories Action to be Activate and Deactivate, instead of Remove. A completed order with a deactivated category can be rebooked successfully. Deactivating a ticket category will not impact existing price lists.

POS | Price Change Alert

If a backoffice user publishes a price update while a POS user is carting a ticket for that event, we will now alert the POS user that the price is different than expected and to cancel the order and refresh the application.  

Note: This only applies to Card Present transactions for venues processing payments with Stripe.

Events | Upsell Configuration Page

We fixed an issue where a high volume of templates was causing the Upsell Configuration page to have trouble loading.

Resources | Resource Request Timeframe

In some cases, the resource request timeframe did not update correctly when an event was rescheduled. This has been fixed. 

Resources | Sort by name in Resource Assignment modal

Sort by name is now working as expected in the Resource Assignment modal.

Resources | Saving Resource Changes on Event Edit

When changing resources in 'View' mode for an event instance, changes saved correctly. However, if the same was done in 'Edit' mode for an event, changes to the resources were not reflecting on the Event List page or in Reporting. This issue has been resolved. 

Please Note: As soon as you modify the resource, the change will take effect immediately (even before tapping 'Update').

Reports | Sales Report for Resource Assignments

After creating a resource request for a named resource (e.g. request for Resource > Jane Doe), the Sales Report was incorrectly displaying as blank for the Event Resource Name. This has been resolved.

Reports | Reporting on Events with resources

When creating an Event report with at least one resource column, the report was incorrectly filtering to only return Events that had a value for the resource columns. This has been resolved, and now all applicable events will be returned, even if the resource does not have a value.

Reports | Reporting on Membership Standing

We have fixed an issue where the membership data set in reporting was not updating the standing of records when they were moving to the "Replaced" standing.

Backoffice | Administration Settings

When a smaller browser size is used, the updates made on Settings > Administration are now properly saved.

B2C | Combo Tickets Display on Confirmation page

Fixed price combo tickets were displayed twice on the online Confirmation page.  This was a display issue only and has been fixed

Email | Confirmation email for Combos

Confirmation Email for Combos We removed an extraneous "{2}" from the confirmation email when combos are being purchased.

Note: To ensure Backoffice updates are as seamless as possible, we recommend performing a hard refresh of your internet browser after a release is deployed. In some cases, you may also need to reset your browser's data cache including any saved cookies and related browsing data. Please contact support@acmeticketing.com if you experience any issues after a release.