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    • Sandbox 10: Last refreshed on 8/23/2022. Next refresh: 10/18/2022.
    • Sandbox 15: Last refreshed on 7/12/2022. Next refresh has been rescheduled to 10/18/2022.
  • Reminder: Check your Apple device settings! For optimal performance, please ensure that any iOS devices running ACME Applications have the following set in the Privacy settings:
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  • Welcome new ACME customers! Recently launched or going live this fall:   
    • Natural History Museum & La Brea Tar Pits  (Los Angeles, CA)
    • Asia Society Northern California (San Francisco, CA))
    • McCord Stewart Museum (Montreal, QC)
    • Meditation Mount (Ojai, CA)
    • Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead (Overland Park, KS)

ACME Product Release Information

11.22.1 Release -  9/20/2022


  • ACME eCommerce + Google Analytics: enhanced support for site linking with the Linker plugin

11.22.0 Release -  9/7/2022


  • Support for Worldpay refunds more than 45 days after the payment
  • Improved online experience for member-only events, including new theme variables
  • Temporary Membership Cards can now include the membership level name

11.21.0 Release - 7/26/2022


  • Backoffice Coupons for Events

  • New eCommerce Text Variables

Other recent releases 

11.21.2 Release - 8/3/2022

11.21.1 Release - 7/27/2022

11.20.1 Release - 6/9/2022 

Tips & Tricks: Group Bookings

This edition is focused on Group Booking workflows.

Private Event Schedules

If there are common times of the day when you tend to book private group tours or other custom events, you can create a private event schedule on your event template to speed up the process when booking these private events. 

For example, if you typically book private guided group tours on weekdays at 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM, you can add these times to a private event schedule. All future bookings will reference this schedule and you can easily select from these times or define a custom time if needed.

To learn more, check out our how-to guide for Configuring Schedules for Private Events.

Rescheduling a Private EventSay hi to Jack, an ACME pet!

When a group contacts you to request a change to the date of their private event booking (we know, this never happens!), you can easily reschedule the event in ACME Backoffice. Navigate to the event in the Events List, open the event and click the Reschedule Event button in the Description tab, where you can choose the new date and time.

What happens when you do this?

  • A notification is sent to the order contact on any order associated to this event.
  • The transaction history on the associated order will now contain a Sale and RefundSale line item to capture the reschedule history, but no payments or refunds are conducted.

To learn more, check out our how-to guide for Rescheduling a Private Event.

Invoice Text Variables

For some groups, you may be required to send an invoice prior to or after the visit. ACME has a standard invoice layout in backoffice that you can download to PDF or print. Did you know that you can customize parts of the invoice layout with text variables, including the header and intro and closing messages? Use the intro message to thank the group for their visit, and the closing message to describe your payment policy.

For step-by-step instructions, see our Generate an Invoice guide.

Organization Discounts

Say hi to Leo, an ACME pet!In ACME, most discounts are applied based on a coupon code or a verified membership. But you can also configure automatic discounts for specific types of organizations based on the Organization Category. If certain groups always get a defined discount on bookings, this feature will enable automatic discounting each time you create a new order for the group.

Are your Title I schools eligible for free admission for students? Do you have hotel concierge partners who always receive 10% off general admission tickets?  If your group bookings department is consistently managing group booking discounts, the organization category discount configuration can help!

Check out our how-to guide for Configuring Discounts for Organizations and Group Sales

Feature Spotlight: Online Sales of Invitation-only Events

What is this feature?

Like member only events, if you ever have special events that are for a specific audience, you now have the ability to make these available for individual purchase online! Implementing this requires a specific linking strategy to prevent any purchaser from using the ACME eCommerce Events List, and the use of a few new text variables released in 11.21.0, but once in place, this strategy allows you to have events available for purchase online that can only be accessed by specific links, which you can then control distribution and access to.

When should it be used?

This should be implemented when you want to place a range of different types of events online for purchase, including events that are for specific groups, but be able to control access to them via direct links.

How to implement

Implementing this requires the use of a few specific Theme text variables to control the checkout path once consumers reach the ACME cart, as well as a specific linking strategy, both on your main site and within any links present in text variables on the ACME eCommerce pages. See the Online Sales of Invitation-only Events guide for implementation steps.

Partner Spotlight: Rezdy Channel Manager

ACME has partnered with Rezdywhich now gives you access to use their channel manager to distribute your products through partners like Groupon, TUI Musement, Tiqets, Headout and many more regional and local resellers including traditional travel agents, inbound tour operators, accommodations and more. 

Through our partnership, you can seamlessly manage all aspects of those reseller relationships directly from your ACME ticketing platform, in real time via a live two-way sync of rates and availability. 

We’ve created a seamless process to make it easy to connect, and the opportunity is risk-free as you only pay if you get a booking. If you are interested in learning more, you can contact Justin Turner, Rezdy’s Sr. Director of Channel of Management who can take you through the Rezdy platform and how to utilize this partnership to maximize your business growth. 

Email Justin Turner:

Book a live demo of Rezdy Channel Manager here.

New and Updated Knowledge Articles

We are continuously updating and adding new articles to our Knowledge-base in the ACME Support Portal. Below are some recently added or updated articles:

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