The ACME Sales POS application supports communication with the Epson TM-T88V, TM-T88VI, and TM-T88VI receipt printers. These printers can be connected over a Ethernet or Bluetooth Protocol.

Connecting the Printer:

  1. Log in to ACME Sales and access the Configuration menu. Note that Admin permissions are required for this action.
  2. Navigate to Printer: Receipt and select Epson from the list of supported manufacturers. 
  3. Select the RESCAN button to check your local network for printers.
  4. Select the printer you wish to connect with from the list of available printers on the right.
    1. Ethernet printers will show the IP address assigned to the printer
    2. Bluetooth printers will display the Blueottoh assigned to the pirnter 
Not seeing the printer you are looking for? Make sure it is on the same subnet or network segment as the iPad (Ethernet) or paired in the iPad Bluetooth Settings menu (Bluetooth). Contact your Network Admin if you need help with this.
Pro Tip: You can use these same steps to configure your Epson printer to print tickets too! Navigate to the Printer:Tickets section of the ACME Sales Configuration menu to get started.

Configurable Options:

Automatically print: When enabled, receipts will automatically print after every transaction.

Automatically print signature slip: When enabled, reciept signatures will automtaicalaly print after every credit card transaction. 

Enable Kick Drawer: When enabled, a connected cash drawer will pop open at the epxetc times.