Active Triggers


  • Syncs account contact ACME objects to NPSP affiliation objects


  • Syncs ACME address objects to NPSP address objects


  • Syncs NPSP affiliation contact to account contact ACME objects


  • Syncs NPSP address objects to ACME address objects
  • Conditions: NPSP Address object is not marked as default; if marked default, this trigger will not run

The goal of these triggers is to allow staff to use any existing Salesforce business processes and practices to continue with minimal disruption after installing the ACME Managed Package, as these triggers remove the requirement to make edits directly on ACME objects in Salesforce.

Because these custom triggers are created when the ACME/SF Integration is activated, but are not part of the Managed Package, clients may choose to modify these at their own discretion. Any desired modifications should be thoroughly tested and vetted to ensure it does not disrupt data syncing. If changes have been made, the triggers in your environment may not match what is outlined here.