Custom Fields settings allow you to collect customized data about your Events or transactions. This can be very helpful when creating detailed Reports, or even for keeping track of specific elements of your Events. Once you've set up Custom Fields, it is easy to add them to Event Templates or Event Instances.

Note: You can only configure Custom Fields once. Upon save, the field names will be locked, with no method of changing them. You can continue to add Values to Custom Fields, but you cannot change the Fields themselves.

Custom Fields vs Values

You can define up to five Custom Fields for Events. You can add an unlimited number of Values to each Custom Field. Values are specific examples within a Custom Field. If the Custom Field is "Event Type", Values in that Field might be "Admission", "Tours", "Public Program", or "Virtual Event".  You can then report on all events with a specific custom field value.

You can add Values to Custom Fields in two ways: through Text Fields, and through Drop-down Menus. The difference is how a Custom Field acts in an Event Template.

  • Text Fields allow the user to enter their own Value in an Event Template. In the Event Template, the Custom Field will give the user a blank text box to complete.
  • Dropdown Menus will appear as a dropdown list of values in the Event Template.  

Custom Field Configuration (Events)

Custom fields can be created for Events, Donations and Forms. The following steps are for Event Custom Fields.

1. Go to Settings, Custom Fields

2. Click on Add Field

Click on Add Field

3. Enter a label name for your custom field

The label cannot be changed once created, so think this through before configuring!

Enter a label name for your custom field

4. Select a format (Dropdown or Text)

Dropdown will allow you to pre-define values to select.

Select a format (Dropdown, Text)

5. Enter the dropdown values for the custom field.

Values can be added to this list at a later date if needed.

Enter the dropdown values for the custom field.

6. Click Save

Click Save

7. The Custom Field will now appear on Event Templates.

You can populate this field for new and existing event templates. Once published, all transactions going forward will inherit the custom field value. 

Adding Values to Custom Fields

1. Go to Settings, Custom Fields

2. Click on Edit

Click on Edit

3. Modify the dropdown list of values

You can add a new value anywhere in the list or remove values that are no longer needed. Changes to this list will not retroactively change past data.

Modify the dropdown list of values

4. Click Save.

The new values will now be available to select on new and existing event templates.

Convert Text Custom Fields to Drop-down Custom Fields, and vice versa

If you've set up a Custom Field as a Single-Value Field, converting it to a drop-down field is easy.

  1. Go to Settings, Custom Fields
  2. Click "Edit" next to the Custom Field you want to modify.
  3. In the window that opens:
    1. Use the drop-down menu next to "Format" to change "Text" to "Dropdown", or vice versa.
    2. Click "Save"

Add Custom Fields to Event Templates

It's easy to add Custom Fields to your Event Template, or to modify the Custom Fields already associated with it.

  1. Click on "Events" in the left navigation panel.
  2. Select "Templates" from the expanded Events menu.
  3. Click "Edit" next to the Template you want to modify.
  4. Under the Description tab, you'll find your Custom Fields.
    • If the Field has a drop-down menu, choose the Value you'd like.
    • If the Field is has a text box, enter your Value in the box.
  5. Click "Save" in the upper right of the page.