When an order is rebooked in ACME, the order will generate additional Sale and RefundSale transaction line items. This represents the order items(s) being moved from the old event to the new one. Here are the parameters to configure a report to review rebooked orders:

  • Date Field: Transaction Date
  • Filter on: Transaction Type Contains Sales,RefundSales.
  • Filter on: TransactionNotes exists (all rebooked orders get a "null" value for transaction notes if one is not provided.)
  • Include the following data fields in the output: Order Number, Transaction ID, Transaction Type, Transaction Notes, Event Name, Event Start Time, Ticket Type

After running this report, analyze the data and look for orders that contain multiple sales/refund sales and multiple event start times on a single order, these will be the rebooked orders. We recommend exporting the CSV to Excel or a similar program for easier analysis.