ACME has an online checkout flow specifically focused on Donations which:

  • Supports additional messaging to potential donors
  • Allows for deep-linking directly to the new URL:<tenantID> 
  • Offers a streamlined flow for a donation-only order, taking the user directly to payment after selecting a donation amount


Additional messaging

The following text variables are available to customize your messaging in the Theme section of the ACME Back Office (B2B).  If you would like to take advantage of this new page, please configure the content, as there will not be default copy. Contact if you need help with the configuration. The ACME eCommerce Text Variables for Donations are documented here.



 Deep Linking to the Standard Donations page

Member verification 

In both cases, it is still possible to have members verify first. This will enable you to track in reporting which members provided a donation. For additional information on configuring deep links, see ACME eCommerce Deep-linking Guide.