11.4.6 Hotfix 

Production Release Date: Friday, June 5, 2020

Platforms: B2B, B2C

Release Type: Hotfix

Downtime: None

Environments for Testing: Sandbox 10

Site Performance

In order for ACME to provide a better experience for venues using our White Label website, we released some platform updates. As venues re-open after a period of closure, we are seeing traffic patterns shift mostly online in high demand spikes as visitors rush to buy tickets for limited inventory.  

One way in which we are stabilizing and hardening our platform to handle new traffic patterns is by moving our white label stylesheets to our content delivery network (CDN) powered by Cloudflare. This will allow us to serve static content such as images and stylesheets on a worldwide caching infrastructure spread across 200+ cities and 95+ countries, so that the content will be served from infrastructure closer to the end user.  

The benefits are:

  • Improved speed when navigating the website 
  • Improved ability to handle spikes in traffic

As a result of this, when ACME Themes are published it will take up to 15 minutes to propagate those changes to the website.