In the Administration area of ACME Back Office, you can define the settings below. 

Note: To view this area, you must have the Tenant_Administration_View/Update permissions that are typically associated with the Tenant_Admin role.

  • Show Reviews: This is a depreciated feature and should be set to No
  • Membership login: If you have members who can verify online to obtain discounted tickets or renew their membership, this should be set to Yes.
  • Require last name for login: For membership verification online, the member will be required to enter their Membership ID and the last Name of the primary card holder. This is recommended to set to Yes.
  • Membership purchase: Set to Yes if you sell memberships online.
  • Accept gift cards: This is a depreciated feature and should be set to No.
  • Accept coupon codes: If you have coupons configured to trigger a discount on a purchased item, set to Yes to allow the purchaser to enter the coupon code online at checkout.
  • Accept more than one coupon at checkout: If you allow purchasers to apply multiple coupons to an order, set to Yes.
  • Honor event template display order in list view: If you have intentionally ordered your Event Templates in back office and want the events to sort in the same order on the Events List, set to Yes. Otherwise, the events will list in alphabetical order by default.