To configure your ACME system for Ingresso integration, please review the guidelines below.


Step 1: Decide how Ingresso Distributors' products align with your ACME configuration

Note: The Ingresso distribution partners who will sell tickets to your venue are determined based on your agreement with Ingresso.
  • Event Template: When a customer purchases tickets to your venue through an Ingresso Distributor's app or website, to which event will the ticket apply? In most cases, it will be your general admission event.
  • Ticket Types: Which ticket types for the event align with the types that are offered? You may opt to use existing ticket types like 'Adult' or 'Child', or if you prefer to have a distinct ticket type for these visitors, you may configure unique ticket types, like 'OTA Adult', 'OTA Child', for example. 

Step 2: Configure an Organization Reseller record in back office for the Ingresso Distributors

  • All tickets purchased through an Ingresso distributor will be passed to ACME under an Organization record.
  • If you do not already have an Organization record for the distributor, you will need to create one.
  • Recommendation: Categorize with an Organization Category such as "Tour Operator", "OTA", "Tourism Partner" or something similar.

Step 3: Configure a user name and request an API key

  • Create a general user (not an email user) 'api_ingresso' and set a default password
  • Create a new group, or assign to an existing group. Ensure that the group has roles with the following permissions:
    • ACCT_ORDERS_CREATE (accounts-admin role)

    • ACCT_ORDERS_UPDATE (accounts-admin role)

    • ACCT_ORDERS_VIEW (accounts-admin role)

    • ACCT_ORDERS_DELETE (accounts-admin role)

    • ACCT_PMNT_POLICY_VIEW (accounts-admin role)

    • EVENT_VIEW (event-user role)

    • EVENT_TEMPLATE_VIEW (event-user role)

    • ORDER_CREATE (orders-admin role)

    • ORDER_UPDATE (orders-admin role)

    • ORDER_VIEW (orders-admin role)

    • ORDER_DELETE (orders-admin role)

    • ORDER_PAYMENT (orders-admin role)

    • REFUNDS_EXECUTE (orders-admin role)

  • Send an email to to request an API key for this user

Step 4: Provide configuration details to your Ingresso contact

  • Event Template ID
    • Navigate to your event template in back office
    • The Event ID is embedded in the URL in your browser

  • Ticket Type IDs
    • Open the Developer Tools in your browser (Right-Click "Inspect", or Ctrl-Shift-I), go to the Network tab
    • Navigate to Pricing>Ticket Categories in back office
    • In the Name column, Select "types..." 
    • Expand Payload and List
    • Find the ticket types in list 

  • Organization ID
    • Navigate to view the organization record
    • The Organization ID is embedded in the URL in your browser
    • You will need to provide this ID for each Organization distributor record.

Note: If you are configuring these items in a Sandbox environment to test prior to activating the integration in Production, your IDs will not be the same in both Sandbox and Production. When you re-configure the items in Production you will need to provide the Production IDs to Ingresso.