The My Profile page is available for every Back Office user and can be found under the Settings menu. This is where a Back Office user can edit their own user profile.

Making Changes to Your User profile

The following items can be edited or changed using the My profile menu:

  • Login Details

    • User Password: Update the password used to login to ACME Back Office, ACME Sales, and ACME AC.

  • Profile

    • Profile Image: The image or avatar used in association with your User Profile. This is for internal purposes only.

    • First Name

    • Last Name

    • Title

    • Phone Number

  • Settings

    • Enable Accessibility Toggle: This will control how certain data tables function in ACME Back Office. ACME recommends setting this to Yes for all users. 

    • Calendar start day

    • Date format

    • Time format

Note:: Remember to select the Update button when finished making any edits to save the changes.