About Discounts

Discount lists are used to configure the amount you want reduced from a ticket or membership purchase. This action can be triggered by one of three things: 

  1. A coupon, based on category
  2. A membership, based on status and level
  3. An organization, based on category

Note: Discounts can work in two ways. They can either take a flat dollar amount off the regular price of a Ticket Type (e.g. "$5 off a Senior Ticket"), or they can specify a percent reduction of the regular price of a Ticket Type. (e.g. "30% off an Adult Ticket").  You will choose the discount type when you create a new Discount List.

Planning out Discounts

Before you create your first discount, ACME recommends conducting a planning session to list the discount amounts and applicable ticket types your organization uses. It is often the case that multiple coupons and group rates share the same discount amount, yet differ in name.

You will need to configure the discount list, and separately, the appropriate trigger as outlined above (coupon, membership, or organization).

Coupons are configured as separate items and organized in a group by Coupon Category. The same organizational structure is used for org records, which are grouped by Org Category. The discount list will be associated with one of those categories, or with a membership level. 

Associating discounts with categories makes things more efficient, and keeps your Event Template easier to manage.
For example, you may have ten different coupon codes which all reduce the Adult price by $1. When you create these coupons, you can put all of them into one Coupon Category. Then in your Event Template, you can simply associate this category (which accounts for all ten coupon codes) with a single discount list. If you then decide to create more $1 coupons, you only have to add them to the Coupon Category, and they'll automatically work for your Event.

Applying a Discount to an Event Template

To make a discount applicable, it must be associated with an Organization Category, Coupon Category and/or Membership Level on an Event Template. (Click to learn about creating Organization Categories, Coupon Categories, or Membership Levels.)

  1. Log in to the ACME Back Office.
  2. Click on "Events" in the left navigation panel.
  3. Select "Templates" from the expanded Events menu.
  4. Click "Edit" on the Template you want to enable discounting
  5. Click on the Pricing tab in the Event Template.
  6. Find the Organizations, Members, and Coupons tabs (about halfway down the page). The process to configure each type is the same. To configure a discount:
    • Click on the relevant tab (Organizations, Members, or Coupons).
    • Click "Add Discount".
    • Use the drop-down category menu to select the Coupon Category, Organization Category, or Membership Level to which you want to offer a discount on the event.
    • Use the drop-down discount menu to associate a discount with the category you just selected.
  7. Click "Publish" in the upper right corner of the page. Your discount is now functional.

Further Reading