• Effective 3/16/2021, all versions of ACME Sales and ACME AC prior to 11.7.0 are no longer supported. Click here for a refresher on how to update your ACME applications.
  • Planned Sandbox Refresh Schedule 
    • Sandbox 10 was recently refreshed on 03/30/2020. The next refresh will be 05/25/2021.
    • Sandbox 15 was recently refreshed on 03/16/2020. The next refresh will be 07/20/2021.
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ACME Product Release Information

11.11 Release -  05/04/2021


  • AVS Updates

    With this release, AVS address verification will only happen for addresses within the United States to eliminate unexpected declines from international cardholders.

  • eCommerce - New Membership Text Variables

    It is now possible to configure a heading and description for the membership detail page on eCommerce (B2C). This is the page that displays when a visitor selects "View all benefits" for a membership. The variables are:

    • membership-detail-page-heading
    • membership-detail-page-description (supports HTML)

Coming Soon! 11.12 Release -  Preview 05/18/2021

ACME is excited to announce that on June 1st, we will be upgrading our Java application library to provide platform enhancements and service improvements. While we are not anticipating any current API integrations to change from this upgrade, we are inviting our partners and 3rd party API developers to preview these changes to ensure that the upgraded library will not impact your current solutions on our platform. The preview code with this updated library will be available on Sand10 and Sand15 starting on May 18th prior to our deployment to Production beginning June 1st. Please contact if you have any questions.

Other recent releases 

11.10 Release (February 18, 2021)

11.9 Release (January 26, 2021)

Dynamic Pricing with Digonex

We are pleased to announce that Digonex now has an API integration with ACME! This solution offers the ability to apply dynamic pricing strategies to your ACME published events.

What is dynamic pricing?

Dynamic pricing models align pricing with shifts in demand. These shifts can be based on a number of factors, such as trends in tourism, seasonality, weather, and other economic conditions. Digonex can calculate the daily optimal price points for an event with an automated algorithm and send the re-evaluated pricing structure to your ACME database and publish. 

How does the integration work?

With an API key to your ACME database, Digonex retrieves event schedules and pricing. As part of your Digonex implementation, an algorithm is applied and suggested pricing revisions are sent to you for approval. Upon approval, Digonex pushes the price change updates into your ACME event and publishes.

For more information, contact Digonex through their online form:

OTA Integration with GetYourGuide

GetYourGuide now has a direct integration with ACME! As the tourism industry recovers from the pandemic, GetYourGuide will connect travelers with experiences for their destination. Based in Berlin, the booking platform offers over 60,000 things to do in over 150 countries around the world. 

What is it?

The GetYourGuide integration with ACME enables real-time inventory checks against ACME events. A booking is made on the GYG platform, which reserves from available capacity and delivers an ACME QR code to the ticket buyer. An order is sent to ACME backoffice, so you can see and report on these sales. The guest can arrive and go directly to Access Control to check-in. No more paper vouchers, manual redemption and reconciliation needed!

How to Activate 

To implement this integration, you need to first have an agreement with GetYourGuide to sell tickets to your venue. Then just request an API key to provide to their implementation team and follow the steps in our GetYourGuide Integration Setup Guide.

April Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Ingenico Card Readers

It is the dirt you cannot see that will surprise you! A chip reader device can be a breeding ground for dust, dirt and pollen - all of which can contribute to suboptimal card reader performance as it builds up over time. EMV cleaning cards are worth keeping on hand for routine maintenance and will keep chip cards from unexpectedly declining due to a bad contact. Note: Only use the electronics safe cleaning products inside of the Chip reader path. Opening or tampering with other parts of the card reader may permanently lock the device.  

Boca Printers

Though most ticket sales are occurring online these days, you may still be printing tickets onsite. If you are using a Boca, when was the last time you did maintenance on these printers? Check out our guide for Standard Maintenance for Boca Lemur PrintersDon't wait until your attendance numbers are back to pre-pandemic levels. The last thing you need is a Boca ticket printing crisis when you have eager guests waiting to visit!

Apple Devices

Are your devices up to date with the latest versions of applications?

  • iOS 14
  • ACME POS Sales app version 11.10
  • ACME AC (Access Control) version 11.10
  • Airwatch Intelligent Hub 21.02

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Updated Hardware Recommendations

Are you dusting off your point of sale and scanning hardware upon re-opening? We have recently updated our hardware article to specify minimum and recommended requirements for ACME Point of Sale and ACME Access Control.

Hardware for ACME Applications

New and Updated Knowledge Articles

We are continuously updating and adding new articles to our Knowledge-base in the ACME Support Portal. Below are some recently added or updated articles:

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